Turn underused parking spaces into thriving revenue streams

Unlocking Hidden Parking Potential


Towing doesn't make you money from your illegal parkers - we do

Illegal Parker Billing

Parking Management that keeps you in control

Start making money quickly with our free signs

Paid Parking Activation

Easily adjust parking lot hours of availability and pricing from our convenient web portal

Flexible Automated Pricing Tools

Exactly what we were looking for! The system was super quick and easy to implement. Our company has a new source of income where had none before.

Tom R.

Lab Manager

Convert your customer parking to paid parking after hours and on weekends

Create ancillary income or monetize surplus property

Commercial Property Owners

Business Owners

Parking Lot Owners

Automate your business and increase your revenue per parking space

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Enforcement Support

Deploy paper tickets, bill by mail or ALPR cameras to enforce your parking policies

Charge for parking while letting legitimate users park for free

Parking Validation

Realtime Remote Lot Control

See what is happening in your parking lot in real time

We've changed our look, but our mission remains the same

We are proud to introduce QuickTextPay's new branding as ParkThrive. We believe this reflects the incredible growth we have experienced since our journey began and represents our commitment to unlocking parking revenue.


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